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Threat Assessment: Antifa in Portland and Seattle

The number of incidents associated with Antifa in Portland and Seattle has overtaken that of BLM and other left-wing groups since the death of George Floyd.


There are strong links between BLM and Antifa in both US cities. Since our threat assessment report on Black Lives Matter, we've seen a significant increase in Antifa activity.

However, Intelligence Fusion's monitoring and logging of Antifa-related incidents in Portland and Seattle have shown that the group are willing to engage in more than just violent demonstrations and criminality.

The purpose of this report is to provide a threat assessment and outlook of Antifa in Portland and Seattle, and by extension provide an update on the threat posed by BLM

  • Overview of Antifa, their purpose, methods and end state;
  • Determine their intent and capability;
  • Analyse the relationship between BLM and Antifa;
  • Highlight the potential for escalation into the other states;
  • Assess the overall threat of Antifa in Portland and Seattle.


Matthew Pratten, Regional Intelligence Analyst 

Matt joined Intelligence Fusion in May 2017 as an intern but his skills and ambition was quickly recognised and was made a Regional Intelligence Analyst in 2019.

Matt’s background in intelligence analysis comes from a combination of study, training and experience. During his 8 years in the Royal Australian Army, he carried out Intelligence and Protective Security tasks while in the Infantry and later became an Intelligence Analyst in the Army’s Intelligence Corps. Matt graduated from Deakin University in 2017 with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in International Relations and Politics and Policy Studies.




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