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Right-Wing Groups on Telegram

From nationalists to extremists, we've investigated the Telegram channels dedicated to right-wing ideologies. 

WARNING: Some of the content within this report is highly inflammatory and may be deemed disturbing. 

Intelligence Fusion actively monitors groups of all ideological beliefs and one of the main channels for monitoring right-wing groups is the encrypted messaging app Telegram.

Telegram is known for its propagation of Jihadi channels, but more recently has seen new forms of extremism, both far-left and far-right, use it as a platform to disseminate their views and theories.

Intelligence Fusion’s CEO, Michael McCabe, spent an afternoon researching the channels dedicated to right-wing extremism on Telegram and this is what he found…

What's in the report?

A 21-page report investigating the various right-wing groups and how far-right extremists use Telegram to share propaganda, spread their narrative and support terrorist activity.

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How can I get it?

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About the author

MM-1Michael McCabe, CEO 

As founder and CEO of Intelligence Fusion, Michael has a wealth of expertise on global and regional security issues, including terrorism, insurgency, maritime, physical security and other related risks.

Prior to founding Intelligence Fusion in 2015, Michael was the Managing Director of Durham Specialist Risk Management. However, he was previously the Head of the Analysis and Assessments for Olive Group in Iraq as well as a Senior Intelligence Officer for Aegis Defence Services. 


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