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Analysis: The Proud Boys and Right-Wing Extremism in the United States

An exchange between Biden and Trump during a recent Presidential debate brought the Proud Boys to the attention of left-leaning politicians, media personalities, and supporters once more. 

In the wake of the debate and the continued unrest in the United States, we've taken a closer look into the Proud Boys and the threat they pose in the divisive and racially charged atmosphere currently taking hold of the country.

We've analysed:

  • Current situation in the United States
  • Unrest surrounding the upcoming Presidential Election
  • Profile of the Proud Boys
  • Links to White Supremacy and White Nationalism
  • Intelligence Fusion's analysis


Vincent Fevrier, Senior Regional Analyst 

Prior to joining Intelligence Fusion in 2018 as the Senior Regional Analyst for the Americas, Vincent was an intern for a year with Intelligence Fusion, focusing on security and political developments in Southeast Asia.

Preceding his work in the intelligence sector, Vincent undertook a variety of roles in the non-governmental sector working for a variety of humanitarian organization such as Action Against Hunger-UK, International Medical Corps, and Nonviolent Peaceforce, primarily focused on knowledge and information management. Vincent received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of Texas at Dallas, and a Master of Science degree in International Disaster Management from the University of Manchester.




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