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What does the security environment look like post-COVID?

How to minimise risk and maximise opportunity in security management, post-pandemic. 

This report aims to provide security professionals with a comprehensive insight into how the security landscape will be affected by the medium and long term impacts of COVID-19.

We’ll cover:

  • How is the security environment currently being impacted by COVID?

Including the specific threats and drivers for each sector.

  • What should security managers be planning for in a post-pandemic world?

With advice and guidance on strategy, budget management, physical security, emergency management and executive protection. Plus much more. 

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Who uses our data?


And why?

A tailored intelligence feed

that ensures you're always receiving relevant, useful data. 

When the intelligence collection and reporting is shaped to closely reflect your business operations, you get a more useful and precise insight into the global security landscape, as well as the impact on the people and assets you protect.

Every client receives an Intelligence Collection Plan as part of their onboarding process.

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Processed by human analysts

to ensure you’re never acting on misinformation.

Working round the clock in our 24/7 Operations Centre, the team moderate every incident, verifying narratives and accurately geolocating threats.

Save time, money and resources by leaving the intel gathering to our military trained analysts.


Providing unparalleled incident detail

to give you a deeper understanding of the risks.

With intelligence dating back to 2015 and extensive filtering options, you can quickly and easily conduct a comprehensive review of a geographical area, physical location or even a route of travel.

Enhance your service with a clearer picture of the threats your client is exposed to.

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"Not only have they globalised our product, but their data is sifted through by professionals with years of experience in intelligence gathering. This adds another layer of context to incident data, such as the wider impact of an event, that would otherwise be lacking.”

- Intelligence Analyst, Global Tracking Organisation


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