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Operation Yellowhammer: 

Beyond the Mainstream Media 

An honest, impartial and factual analysis of what the 31st October means for the UK, from a security and intelligence perspective. 

Mock Up

Following the release of our first podcast episode where we discussed Brexit and Operation Yellowhammer whilst answering real questions sent in by Intelligence Fusion's readers, followers and subscribers. 

Whether you missed the podcast or just want to get your hands on some additional content, our free follow up report includes a full transcript plus some bonus Q&A material and an extended assessment of the various Brexit outcomes...

What else can I find in the report?

We've broken it down into;

  • The UK's Options
  • A Brexit Timeline
  • The Current Security Situation in Europe
  • Summary of General Public Opinion
  • Intelligence Fusion's Assessment
  • Our Survey Results
  • An Open Q&A

How can I get it?

Simply fill in the form to download and we'll send your free report direct to your inbox. 📥

Can I still listen to the podcast?

Just click play...

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Who's behind the report?

The same voices you heard on the podcast are the minds behind the Operation Yellowhammer report. You can learn a little bit more about them below: 

MM-1Michael McCabe, Founder and CEO 

As founder and CEO of Intelligence Fusion, Michael has a wealth of expertise on global and regional security issues, including terrorism, insurgency, maritime, physical security and other related risks.

Prior to founding Intelligence Fusion in 2015, Michael was the Managing Director of Durham Specialist Risk Management. However, he was previously the Head of the Analysis and Assessments for Olive Group in Iraq as well as a Senior Intelligence Officer for Aegis Defence Services. 

Daniel Harrington, Chief Operating Officer DH

Prior to joining Intelligence Fusion in 2016, Daniel worked for major blue chip financial firms in the City of London providing crisis management, business continuity and operational risk consultancy.

Daniel also worked as a Senior Regional Analyst for Control Risks based in Iraq working and providing security advice and consultancy to numerous governmental, diplomatic and energy sector clients. Daniel served in the Royal Navy with operational service including a tour of Afghanistan. 


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