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Analysing Trafficking and Migration along the US-Mexico Border

Whilst an issue across the United States for some time, the election of President Trump shone a brighter spotlight on border security between the US and Mexico. 

With promises of a wall and regular Twitter tirades, his signature issue was to dismantle trafficking of humans and drugs as well as smuggling operations along the southern border.Report Front Cover Image-1

Intelligence Fusion have been monitoring the efforts of both governments either side of the border as well as the influx of migration and trafficking.

We've analysed the consequent security threats posed by these activities, supported by hundreds of incidents recorded by our team over the course of 2019.

What's in the report?

  • The influx of undocumented migrants
  • The journey of an illegal alien and the threats they face crossing the border
  • The involvement of organised crime groups in human trafficking
  • Drug trafficking trends along the border
  • Analysis of migration hotspots and patterns
  • The security responses from US and Mexican authorities
  • The implications of the border wall
  • Identifying the various threats to each sector           

How do I get it?

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